since 1993

International Institute for Political Expertise (IIPE)

International Institute for Political Expertise (IIPE) is a non-commercial research organization. IIPE was founded in 2003.


  • Study of political and lobbying campaigns practice in Russian Federation and worldwide
  • Research of political and economic processes in CIS countries and the Baltic states
  • Monitoring of Russian and CIS countries elite activities research of Eurasia’s energy, military and political security
  • High-quality exclusive reports for government structures and businesses

IIPE research projects


  • President-2004. Comparative analysis of electoral technologies implemented in Russia, Ukraine and US president elections Candidates for Ukrainian presidency psychological portraits
  • Monitoring of regional parliament elections in Russian Federation: technologies of promoting political parties brands (2004-2007)


  • Universal electoral technologies and countries special traits: Russian political advisers experience (2005)
  • How to become and remain a governor . Second edition. Lobbying technologies for candidates running for heads of the regions of Russian Federation (2005-2009)
  • Ukrainian Rada elections monitoring (2005-2006, 2007)


  • Optimization of Russian Federation political division: first results and future steps (2006)
  • Ukraine electorate and experts attitudes towards accession to NATO perspective (jointly with Sofia Social Technologies Center and Army, Conversion and Disbarment Research Center (2006)


  • Pressure groups and lobbying technologies in Ukraine (jointly with Kiev Gorshenin Institute of Management issues) (2007)
  • Energy potential of Ukraine (jointly with Free Europe Fund, United Communications and Sofia Social Technologies Center) (2007)
  • United Economic Space Project lobbying. Pressure groups and lobbying technologies in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan: comparative analysis  (2006-2007)
  • Foreign companies lobbying in Turkmenistan (2007)
    scenarios of power transmission in Central Asia and Kazakhstan: experience and perspectives
  • Russian energy strategy on Eurasia: priorities and technology of implementation (2007)


  • Governors political survival rating in Russian Federation (jointly with the Center of Russian Current Political Situation and Saint-Petersburg Politics fund) (2007-2009)
  • South Ossetian conflict: geopolitical and image consequences for Russia (2008)


  • Geopolitical  lobbying and NATO expansion to the East European parliament elections monitoring (2009);
  • Moldova parliamentary elections monitoring (2009)
  • US and Russia’s images on the eve of relations ‘reset’ (2009)
  • Algorithms of Russian monocities problems solution (2009)
  • External factor of the Ukrainian presidential elections-2010 (2009)
  • Russia’s recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia independence: one year after
  • Monitoring of lobbying struggle over federal law on Foundations of state regulations of trade in Russian Federation (2009)
  • Economic situation in Belarus and directions of geopolitical lobbying in the president  Lukashenko team (2009)
  • Lobbying in Russia and pressure groups: what were the main changes after the year of work in tandem Putin-Medvedev (2009)
  • The dynamics of images for candidates running for Ukrain’s presidency (2009)
  • New architecture of European security and prospects of OSCE work under the chairmanship of Kazakhstan. (2009)


  • 5 years of the system of governors appointing in Russia
  • Governors political survival rating in Russia (jointly with the fund "Petersburg politics")
  • Presidential elections in Poland. The main candidates and tactics
  • Pre-election situation in the Kyrgyz Republic
  • The future of the project "South Stream"
  • The index of the political influence of the heads of the 100 largest cities in Russia (jointly with the fund "Petersburg politics")
  • Moldova's parliamentary elections. Analitical issues review
  • IIPE experts take part in work for preparing anti-corruption laws and federal law on lobbyism regulation in Russian Federation


  • Post-crisis situation in mono-cities: problems and solutions
  • Governors political survival rating in Russian Federation (jointly with the fund "Petersburg politics")

IIPE experts take part in work for preparing anti-corruption laws and federal law on lobbyism regulation in Russian Federation.