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    Our anniversary report of the Politburo 2.0 series is now available

    Minchenko Consulting presents the report «Politburo 2.0: Renovation instead of dismantling» in English

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    Will the Popular Front become the ruling party in Russia?

    In late March, Rostov-on-Don hosted the first convention of the Russian Popular Front, attended by President Vladimir Putin. The convention renewed public interest in the meaning of the Popular Front and its future prospects – topics that divide expert opinion.


    Valdai Club experts discuss Russian-Venezuelan relations after Chavez

    Venezuela announced the death of President Hugo Chavez on March 6, 2013. Valdai Club experts spoke with about the possible implications for Venezuelan-Russian relations.


    Minchenko Consluting presents the report "POLITBURO 2.0 AHEAD OF A REALIGNMENT OF ELITE GROUPS" in English

    The official English version of the report is ready for download


    The vote threshold for election blocs will be higher than for the parties

    Secretary of United Russia's General Council Sergei Neverov called on Wednesday for reviving election blocs, on certain conditions. The Communist Party /KPRF/ and A Just Russia Party promptly said the proposal was a hoax, because it would enable United Russia to induct into the parliament loyal small parties. Meanwhile, the parties not represented in parliament are ready to consolidate in blocs.


    Russian Lawmakers Aim at Foreign Cars, Films and Schooling in Patriotic Purge

    The members of Russia’s lower house of Parliament — which last year passed so many harsh new laws with so little debate that commentators compared it to a “rabid printer” — returned to work last week as the standard-bearers for President Vladimir V. Putin’s brand of patriotism.


    Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

    Best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year from Minchenko Consulting!


    Balance of power has not been restored in Russia, clans are still fighting interview with political analyst Yevgeny Minchenko on the situation within Vladimir Putin’s team, reasons for the recent reshuffle in the federal government and the regions, and the personnel crisis.


    Jailed Pussy Rioters switch legal team. A move away from politics?

    The lawyers for the two jailed members of Pussy Riot withdrew on Monday, saying the politicization of the case was impeding their ability to represent their clients.


    Putin’s public actions: A unique style is a competitive advantage

    There are spin, media, PR, political and personal explanations for the actions of Vladimir Putin.


    Oligarch's high hopes of being president

    Is Mikhail Prokhorov a stooge candidate backed by the Kremlin or a real rival to Vladimir Putin? Shaun Walker joins the 6ft 8in candiate for the campaign launch


    Putin Reaches Out to Middle-Class Protesters, Pledges Freedoms

    Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin sought to appease middle-class protests against his rule, pledging to diversify the economy and increase civil liberties if elected president in March.


    Putin Redux: Continuity and change

    Putin is back, but this is a different Putin and a different country


    Minchenko Consluting presents the report "Big Government and the Politburo 2.0" in English

    The official English version of the report is ready for download


    Raids Target Putin’s Critics Before Protest

    Officers emerged after a search of the apartment of the Russian blogger Aleksei Navalny in Moscow on Monday.


    Investment Opportunities in Turkmenistan: Political Risks Analysis

    The International Institute of Political Expertise in March-April 2011 organized the research of the investment opportunities in Turkmenistan. This study is the first among the research series by the IIPE on investment climate in the post soviet countries.


    War and nuclear fears fuel pipeline race

    Events in North Africa and Japan have added fresh impetus to Russia’s South Stream gas pipeline project, as it races for the tape against European and American competitors.


    Medvedev-Putin: Rift? What rift?

    A rare public display of disharmony broke out between Russia’s ruling tandem last week after Putin provocatively criticized the Western-led military intervention in Libya.


    The deep-rooted Polish wariness of Russia

    The Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) has done a good job. This week, it has presented its findings on the causes of a plane crash that killed the Polish president. As is known, the previous reports contained flaws. The Polish side posed questions and lodged claims. As a result, most of the flaws have been removed.


    Lobbying in Russia 2010

    Communication Group Minchenko Consulting presentation: "Lobbying in Russia 2010"


    The heavy artillery started up in turn against Luzhkov

    The text from Evgeniy Minchenko's blog

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