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    Political Risks Assessment in the South Caucasus

    Minchenko Consulting Communication Group has expanded its research geography of political risks in the countries of post-Soviet space. We are offering our English-speaking readers an abridged version of the Russian-language report on country risks in South Caucasus

    The rating system, which is a centerpiece of our reports, was adjusted to the peculiarities of the South Caucasian political situation.

    Besides the three internationally recognized states of Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia, the present report also succinctly examines three South Caucasian de facto republics . As previously, our regional rating reflects strictly the positions of countries vis-à-vis each other in the context of a specific area. We hope this report on South Caucasian political risks will be useful for companies with investment plans or projects in the region.  

    The report was authored and edited by:

    • Project leader – Evgeniy Minchenko, president of Minchenko Consulting Communication Holding, Director General of the International Institute of Political Expertise (IIPE);
    • Sergey Markedonov, PhD in History, Associate Professor at the Chair of Foreign Area Studies and foreign policy of RSUH;
    • Kirill Petrov, PhD in Political Science, Head of Analytical Department, Minchenko Consulting.

    We are grateful for valuable feedback and recommendations by:

    • Nikolay Silayev, PhD in History, Senior Fellow at the Centre of Caucasian Issues and regional security MGIMO;
    • Vladimir Evseev, PhD in Technology, head of the Caucasus Section. Institute of the CIS countries;
    • Andrey Kazantsev, PhD in Political Science, director of Analytical Centre, IMI MGIMO;
    • Vartan Toganyan, President of Eurasian Media Group.

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