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    UK General Election 2015

    Minchenko Consulting presents the resume of a report devoted to the UK General Election 2015. This study was conducted in the period from March 2015 to May 2015. It was supported by Moscow-based noncommercial foundation — Institute of socio-economic and political researches (ISEPR Foundation). For more information, please, follow to website ISEPR Foundation.

    The main goal of the study was to understand the dynamics of electoral processes in the United Kingdom through the analysis of political technologies that were used by parties and their candidates to gain victory. We have also done the work to evaluate the possible political scenarios after the elections and present them to Russian public. The full version of the report in Russian is available for download from our website.

    We were focused both on the national election campaign and the fight for marginal constituencies which determines the outcome of the general battle between the British parties for the majority in Parliament. Particular attention was given to the systematization and analysis of political technologies.


    • Head of the project - Evgeniy Minchenko, CEO, Minchenko Consulting Communication Group;
    • Vladimir Kornilov, political scientist;
    • Kirill Petrov, Director of Research and Analysis, Minchenko Consulting Communication Group;
    • Alexander Kravchenko, MSc Comparative Politics, LSE.

    We express our gratitude to:

    • Lynton Crsoby, Conservative party chief election strategist;
    • Jim Messina, Conservative party consultant, CEO, Messina Group;
    • Richard Murphy, Conservative party consultant, Owner, Communication Strategy & Management Ltd;
    • Graham Godwin-Pearson, Web-campaigns expert,;
    • Nicholas Vaughan, Vice-President, Teneo strategy;
    • The Earl of Clanwilliam, Chairman, Eurasia Drilling Company Limited;
    • George Pascoe-Watson, Seniour Partner, Portland Communications;
    • Toby Orr, Partner, Portland Communications;
    • Benjamin Wegg-Prosser, Managing Director, Global Counsel;
    • Alexander Smotrov, Adviser, Global Counsel;
    • Matt McMillan, President, BuzzMaker;
    • Christopher Granville, Managing Director, Trusted Sources;
    • Dr Derek Averre, Senior lecturer, University of Birmingham;
    • Andrew Blick, Lecturer in Politics and Contemporary History, King’s College London;
    • Dr Richard Sakwa, Professor of Russian and European politics, University of Kent;
    • Quintin Oliver, Expert in referendums, Stratagem International;
    • Dr Alexey Gromyko, Russian Academy of Science;
    • Dr Elena Ananeva, Russian Academy of Science;
    • Necati Ozkan, President, IAPC;
    • Pavel Andreev, Founder, Center for global strategies and communications;
    • Vadim Malkin;
    • Tonya Samsonova;
    • Vlad Vershinin.

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